4 Best Ingredients For a Green Plant-Based Smoothie

Ingredients For a Green Plant-Based Smoothie

There are several ways you can boost your plant-based diets and smoothies are one of them. Unfortunately, many of the options out there are very fruit filled or sweet due to some other ingredient, like peanut butter for protein. There are very few options that incorporate the greens that you need for the day in an amount that works well for smoothies. Here are some ingredients that are not normally mentioned as part of green smoothies to give you a solid plant-based nutrient rich option.


Wheatgrass is one of the first ingredients you need to consider for a green plant-based smoothie. There are several reasons for this. The first is the large amount of benefit you get from this anti-cancer and cancer fighting grass. The second reason is because wheatgrass is so easy to grow in your own home. This means that even if it is not easy to find locally, you can grow it and have it ready fresh on a daily basis. Wheatgrass is also very rich in protein and can be a protein boost for your green smoothie.


Dandelion can be used for a number of things and is listed as a major superfood. You can find it growing in most wild areas and all aspects of the plant can be used. Dandelion greens can be used in a green plant-based smoothie to boost your iron content. They also contain folate and magnesium.


You should have kale at least once or twice a week to gain the benefits it can bring to you. If you don’t like the taste of kale when it is steamed or when it is raw, then in your green plant-based smoothie may be the ideal option. Kale has a large amount of iron and is an anti-inflammatory superfood. This can be vital if you start a new workout plan and you start to feel like you are getting stiff and inflammation is becoming an issue. Kale can help reduce the inflammation in joints and can help with mobility. In addition to these benefits, kale can bring a large amount of fiber into your system without adding many calories or fat.


It sounds odd but seaweed can be a wonderful edition to green plant-based smoothies. The main reason to use it in a green smoothie is to boost your Omega 3. It can give you the same benefits as a salmon dish or other fish.

You can mix these ingredients to make a massive superfood green plant-based smoothie. You can also add these ingredients to the more common smoothies like the Green Goddess smoothie to give them a boost.

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