7 Ways To Live A More Green Life

When I was younger, I didn’t really care about being “green.” First of all, I cared about being as pink as a unicorn, and then I had my black period when I was listening to rock music. Being green just sounded lame.

I now know – as you do – that we all have to live a more green life if we care anything for our fellow man, as well as our planet. Ultimately, planet earth needs our help, and we can all do our bit for the environment and each other by being more green.

Being green is not lame at all. In fact, it’s actually quite cool. After all, what can be cooler than going out of your way to help make the world you live in an even more awesome paradise, filled with color, wonder and fresh air?!

If you’re not sure where to start with this whole “going green” thing, here are 7 ways you can live a more green life:

Be A Vegetarian At Least Three Times A Week

Did you know that animal agriculture actually emits more greenhouse gases than the automotive industry? Although it’s the car manufactures that are constantly being lectured about the amount of damage they are doing to our O-zone layer, it’s actually the meat industry that is doing a lot more.

Worse still, animals that are fattened up for our consumption eat FAR MORE plants than we do, which basically means the meat industry is using our land really inefficiently.

If you want to do your bit for the environment, it’s a good idea to try being a vegetarian for at least three days a week.

Make Your Own Soaps

Soaps which you buy from stores, and which you’ve been buying from stores all your life, are actually kind bad for you. Filled with all kinds of nasty ingredients, such as triclocarban, they can contribute to impaired reproduction, allergies, and hormone disruption.

It’s a much better – and safer – idea to just make your own soaps from organic, natural ingredients.

Get Yourself Some New Shower Curtains

Are shower curtains really all that bad? Really and truly?

Yes! Shower curtains – at least the popular kind and the ones you’ve most likely got in your bathroom – are made from vinyl, which has the potential of unleashing over one-hundred toxic chemicals into the environment. Not cool.

Shower curtains made from bamboo or cloth is much greener.

Keep Your Freezer Fully Stocked

You might think it makes more sense to keep your freezer almost bare most of the time. After all, wouldn’t it take a lot of energy to cool down all those boxes and packages of food you’ve got stashed away in there?

On the contrary, it takes far more energy to cool empty spaces than it does crammed ones. It’s actually basic science, but many of us overlook it.

Invest In A Dishwater

Ever since the Industrial Revolution in the nineteenth century, we have been inventing all kinds of manufactured goods that require a heap of energy, such as the washing machine.

The dishwasher is one invention that uses less energy than its manual alternative (scrubbing the dishes by hand). In fact, the dishwasher doesn’t even use 50% of the energy you do when it cleans the dishes, and it only requires one-sixth of the water. It needs less soap, too.

Do Your Laundry Cold

Speaking of the washing machine – yes, it DOES use a lot of energy. Some would argue that it uses too much.

However, there is a way of reducing the amount of energy that a washing machine uses, and that’s by doing your laundry with cold water.

In addition, when you consider that your washing machine uses about 85% of its energy on heating up the water, we’re pretty sure you’ll go cold – and thus green – from now on.

Turn Off Your Devices When Not In Use

Not watching TV? Not been watching it since this morning? Then why is it still on?!

We’re all guilty of making the mistake of leaving our devices on, even when we’ve stopped using them. However, if you think standby-mode will save your bacon, remember that devices still consume energy when in standby.

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